Exhortation for Regrettable Sex

It’s ok to regret sex.
It’s ok, if, in the morning, a week from now, in 3 years,
you look back cringing and say, that was bad
I wish I hadn’t
I wish we hadn’t

It’s ok if you let a boy
with a jutting jaw
kiss you so hard,
he leaves bruises
that you hope heal before your mom visits
and then talk about Disney characters
before you slip back into your room
and leave him on the couch
and never talk to him again
because of how god-awful he was at kissing.

Have the sex you want,
change your mind
in the middle

Try something new with your trusted partner
then vow to never do it again
because you both hated it.

It’s ok to try and fail
at the kind of intimacy you want.
You won’t be too broken when you do find it.
You wont have more to offer by avoiding
less than perfect sex.
You aren’t a martyr for waiting.


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