2 thoughts on “Pretending not to be Poor

  1. Claire, your words are beautiful. Our family is very similar to yours, our house is not in disrepair only because my husband learned carpentry while working with his step father to create a home for their family out of a hollowed out trailer home. His mother always made any place she lived lovely. My upbringing was poor, as I was born to a young, 16 year old mother, while my father was in Vietnam. However, my mother always made dinner and we were always clean and our needs were met. Today, in order to be home for my family, we live on one income and have taught our girls the beauty of thrift and clearance and making garage sale and curb side furniture look shabby chic.


  2. There’s something beautiful about a person sacrificing next week’s food for this evening’s company, even if she is pretending not to be poor. Your words are powerful and I can relate on so many levels. Thank you.


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