When I see you Again

Au revoir, l’année se termine
et je m’en souviens
des mois passé.
Il me semble que tu me manque
et je veux que tu sois ici
à l’approche de minuit.

Au revoir, je te regarderai
Au revoir, je t’embrasserai
Au revoir, je te dirai,
ne pars jamais encore.

One thought on “When I see you Again

  1. Normally, I translate my French poems in the comment section. However, this one has a play on words that cannot be effectively translated, so I have only mostly translated.

    Au revoir, the year is ending/and I remember/yesterday/the months past./It seems to me that I miss you,/and I want you to be here/at the approach of midnight.
    Au revoir, I will look at you/Au revoir, I will kiss you/Au revoir, I will tell you/ never leave again.


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