Stories Go

Stories go
up and down
and all around,
much like a glass elevator.
They catch you in
their metaphorical paws,
seduce and entice you
until you are lost in them,
enthralled with them,
awakened and enlightened by them,
much like you. For, you are
a story.
I want to listen, not miss a word.
I’d read again and again your pages,
more than just perusing or skimming,
I’d glean every second
of your eyes when you care.
They burn a little
brighter, fiercer, sharper.
And you would endear to me
things like long walks and butterflies,
much like stories
have endeared
hot chocolate and firesides.
The more I listen, the more I find
that when you are caught up
in your story,
you become abundantly alive.

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