Hello Life.
Hello adventure.

It seems too long since we’ve been together,
face to face and arm in arm,
just the two of us, and your winning charm.
Can’t wait to see the places we’ll go,
the see the world’s scenes
and smell what her breezes will blow.

Hello Life.
Hello hope.

Each mile brings me closer and closer;
each step’s a little brighter.
I feel my cares and concerns growing lighter.
The air gets fresher with each anticipation.
Imagine all that we will do,
today, tomorrow, a renaissance of creation.

Hello Life.
Hello love.

I’ll slip my hand into yours.
Then walk me down to the dawn,
watch the glow and glitter as the lights turn on.
Then take me up into your wings;
stretch out your arms far and wide
while all heaven and angels sing.

Hello Life.
Hello God.

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