Another day is another proof.
Another moment tells me all.
Whether sitting on the snowy roof,
or standing under frozen waterfall,
I know the reasons that I own
to hide from love’s harsh hands.
When love returned is little known,
true that frozen souls can stand
when breaks the battered dam.
So winter is here, never Christmas,
nor candied plums nor jam.
Frozen hands don’t make a fuss
when all the feeling’s turned to dust.
Though sunshine aims to defeat
the harshness of my weather,
and your ways begin to complete
the rhymes I think are clever,
I do not dare to be moved,
my waves to toss about.
I cannot hope to be loved
or guess when sun will be out.
But smile still, for all’s not lost.
I may yet chance to see
the joys of what all this would cost
if you and I were to be we.
Christmas comes despite the cold,
and spring is not far distant.
I could risk to still grow old
with memories warm and pleasant.

Sun shine and melt the frost
to see what lies beneath
the surface of my soul lost
and help my unbelief.

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