Hold On, Hold On

Write from a place of peace,
but I am too turned over
in thought and soul
to be at peace.
How many uncertainties bombard
me and I can barely breathe
under them, so heavy,
These hopes I have
still living on in spite
of all the world screaming no,
something, louder than all
bank accounts and offices
and phone calls to home
a whisper that says hope.
The music plays in my soul
to hold on, hold on.
this is not my story anymore,
I am scared,
but I’ve never read the end,
not even the middle.
In this so huge world
could this be the one who loves
has come to love so scared me?
to fly me over mountains,
like hurdles on the track
and give me all my joys and hopes
by delay and anxiousness
hold on, hold on
even the sky knows my fear
and covers itself in clouds and rain
trying to disappear
until this is all over
I will write the colors and lights
of your kingdom
for soon, we, the walkers-in-darkness
will see a great light.

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